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Bus Operator - G121 - Part Time

Company: Government jobs
Location: Columbus
Posted on: January 21, 2023

Job Description:

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepares the bus for safe operation; performs pre-trip inspection - performs safety prevention checklist daily- interior and exterior of the bus. Drives
  • Boards and inspects passengers
  • Drives bus and maintains route schedule; monitors fare box , passes and identifications for the purpose of assuring accurate fare amounts
  • Operates essential equipment
  • Assists passengers with disabilities; operates a wheelchair lift; secures wheelchairs and passengers; assists passengers in distress; notifies dispatcher of bus location and symptoms of passengers in distress
  • Perform duties required by the Office of Homeland Security, assisting customers in safe evacuation from the bus; observing, determining, and reporting activities packages and substances that are suspicious or out-of-place; ability to use a commonsense approach when faced with various emergency situations to ensure public/passenger safety and proper bus operation
  • Provides information and directional assistance. Accesses revenue readings for surveys; provides input on route adjustments
  • Operates a radio; reports accidents and emergency situations when en route; assists 911 by reporting inoperative traffic lights
  • Participates in random and mandatory drug and alcohol testing
  • Attends annual driver refresher training; attends courses in defensive driving as needed
  • Notifies dispatcher and obtains necessary repairs and maintenance work at each turn-around point; secures bus in case of accident or engine malfunction; directs traffic around bus as needed
  • Opens the Transfer Center daily; checks employees as they come in; issues buses; handles incoming calls; provides information about routes; manages bus schedules; prepares mileage reports and surveys; maintains a log of daily activities; prepares requests for charters; sells swipe cards; drives charters for special tours
  • Performs the duties of the supervisor in his or her absence and needed
  • Performs other related duties as assigned Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Knowledge of the skills necessary for the possession of a commercial driver's license.
    • Knowledge of first aid techniques and procedures.
    • Knowledge of city streets and bus routes. Knowledge of safety precautions.
    • Skill in the operation of a bus and other essential equipment.
    • Skill in the operation of standard office equipment.
    • Skill in oral and written communication. Minimum Educational and Training Requirements

      Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of specialized training in the occupational field, in addition to basic skills typically associated with a high school education. Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship or having had a similar position for one to two years. Must possess a valid Commercial; Driver's License. Physical Requirements

      The work is typically performed while sitting for prolonged periods of time in a driver's seat and/or at a keyboard. The employee must have the ability to: lift up to twenty-five (25) pounds; push an occupied standard wheelchair with weight capacity per ADA standards (600 pounds); open emergency hatch on top of bus; manually lift bus ramp if needed; open emergency exit windows; walk around and inspect vehicle. Additionally, the following physical abilities are required:

      • Balancing - maintain equilibrium to prevent falling while walking, standing, or crouching.
      • Crawling - moving about on hands, knees, or hands, feet.
      • Crouching - bending body forward by bending leg, spine.

        • Feeling - perceiving attributes of objects by touch with skin, fingertips.
        • Grasping - applying pressure to object with fingers, palm.
        • Handling - picking, holding, or working with whole hand.
        • Hearing 1 - perceiving sounds at normal speaking levels, receive information.
        • Hearing 2 - receive detailed information, make discrimination in sound.

          • Kneeling - bending legs at knee to come to rest at knees.
          • Lifting - raising objects from lower to higher position, moving objects side to side, using upper extremities, back.
          • Manual Dexterity - picking, pinching, typing, working with fingers rather than hand.
          • Mental Acuity - ability to make rational decisions through sound logic, deductive reasoning.
          • Pulling - use upper extremities to exert force, haul or tug.

            • Pushing - use upper extremities to press against objects with force, or thrust forward, downward, outward.
            • Reaching - extending hands or arms in any direction.
            • Repetitive Motion - substantial movements of wrists, hands, fingers.
            • Speaking - expressing ideas with spoken word, convey detailed, important instructions accurately, concisely.
            • Stooping - bending body downward, forward at waist, with full motion of lower extremities and back.

              • Talking 1- expressing ideas by spoken word
              • Talking 2 - shouting to be heard above ambient noise.
              • Visual Acuity 1 - prepare, analyze data, transcribing, computer terminal, extensive reading.
              • Visual Acuity 2 - color, depth perception, field of vision.
              • Visual Acuity 3 - determine accuracy, neatness, observe facilities/structures.

                • Visual Acuity 4 - operate motor vehicles/heavy equipment.
                • Visual Acuity 4 - operate motor vehicles/heavy equipment.
                • Visual Acuity 5 -close acuity for inspection of small defects, machines, use measurement devices, or fabricate parts.
                • Walking - on foot to accomplish tasks, long distances, or site to site.

                  The work is typically performed in an office, library, computer room, or outdoors where the employee may be exposed to noise, dust, dirt, grease, fumes, machinery with moving parts, contagious or infectious diseases, irritating chemicals, hot, cold or inclement weather.

                  There are no benefits associated with this position.

                  01 In the past two years have you applied for safety-sensitive transportation work covered by DOT agency drug and alcohol testing rules?
                  • Yes
                  • No

                    02 If yes, did you take a pre-employment drug or alcohol test and was not hired?
                    • Yes
                    • No
                    • N/A

                      03 If yes, did you test positive, or refuse to take the pre-employment drug or alcohol test?
                      • Yes
                      • No
                      • N/A

                        04 Which best describes your level of education?
                        • No High School Diploma
                        • GED
                        • High School Diploma
                        • Technical College
                        • Some College
                        • Associate's Degree
                        • Bachelor's Degree
                        • Master's Degree
                        • Doctorate's Degree

                          05 Do you possess a Valid Commercial Driver's License or a Commercial Driver's License Permit?
                          • Yes
                          • No

                            06 Which of the following best describes your level of Commerical Driver's License?
                            • Class A - CDL
                            • Class B - CDL
                            • Class Permitt
                            • Other
                            • None of the above

                              07 If you answered "other" to the above question, please specify type of Commercial Driver's License. If you answered "no" just type in N/A.

                              08 Which of the following best describes your Commercial Driver's License Endorsement?
                              • Hazmat
                              • Passenger
                              • Tanker
                              • Combination of Tanker/Hazmat
                              • Double/Triple Trailers
                              • Permit Only
                              • Other
                              • None of the above

                                09 If you answered "other" to the above question, please specify type of endorsement. If you did not answer "other" just type in N/A.

                                10 How many years of Commercial Driving experience do you have?
                                • None
                                • 0 - 1 year
                                • 1 - 3 years
                                • 3 - 5 years
                                • 5 years or more

                                  * Required Question

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